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Amy H. Meyers Ph.D


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My Services


Depression * Anxiety * Relationship Issues *Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Addiction * Adoption/Infertility * Anger Management * Divorce * Domestic Violence * Family Conflict * Grief * Infidelity * Intimacy * Martial Issues * Mood Disorders * Obsessions * Phobias * Panic Attacks * Stress * Parenting * Peer Relationships * Psychosis * Personality Disorders * Self-esteem * Suicidal Ideation * Substance Abuse * Thinking Disorders * Trauma and PTSD


Adults * Elders 65+ * Individuals * Couples * Supervision * Veterans * First Responders


I earned my Doctorate from the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies and received my Post-Doctorate training at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan. These are widely regarded as being among the top programs in the field. I have over 25 years of experience in clinical practice and am licensed in New York (License 017089-1), and Florida (PY9220). 


I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience treating a wide range of disorders. My psychodynamic background and approach naturally lends itself to the exploration of unconscious conflicts and the profound impact of early experiences. However, I appreciate that the decision to seek treatment is often prompted by distress and I understand the importance of maintaining focus on the presenting problem. Understanding the past as it creates the present is hallmark ultimately to achieving a better quality of life.

Encompassing my work is the strong belief the therapeutic process is a creative and mutual one that is the most effective in a warm and safe environment with an empathic and engaged clinician. True to this, I offer a free consultation so that we may determine whether we can work effectively and well together.

I have specialized training in substance abuse disorders at the Addiction Institute of New York and have worked extensively with both adults and adolescents. Though my process is psychodynamic, I have been trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) and may adopt a flexible and eclectic treatment approach when appropriate.


So that patient confidentiality is preserved and treatment is not dictated by insurance companies, I choose to remain an out-of-network provider. I will, however, help patients submit paperwork to insurance companies to receive reimbursement. I do not charge for the initial in-office consultation. I know that before beginning a relationship and journey, it is often necessary to meet more than one psychologist before choosing the one who is right for you.

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2505 NW 2nd Avenue Suite 100 Boca Raton, FL 33431


Fax 561-229-0188

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